Monday, November 2, 2009

Ride to skate!!!!

so yeah, left on saturday, after work, around 430 or so for a suprise bday party on the eastern shore of MD. decent 1.5 hour ride with little rain. the party ended up being at a fucking tractor pull!! but i missed all the pulling. so around 9 something when the rain started back up we set out for jersey/philly. shit sucked but the roads would have been awesome on a dry day. 65mph speed limits and straight flat roads. heres some pictures from the halloween crap we did. like going to the worst strip club ive ever been to.

bangin brit!
bangin brit and rick ta life, apparently nobody in jersey or pa knows who he is.

heather and brian
dead dan.

dead dan and brian

25 ta tim

so the next day was ride to skate at fdr, this was my first time going there so it took us a minute to find it. but after getting the lost, getting wet, getting the thumbs up from pagans and rear ending brit we got there. cool times met some cool people and skated some awesome shit. so check the pictures.


and then the glorious ride home. perfect weather, dry roads, 75 80 mph the whole way. got some cracker barrel and kept on gettin it. right before the 895 tunnel my seat bracket broke and had to zip tie the seat back on but other than that no major mechanical issues. the ironhead lives to ride again, fuck the haters!

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