Thursday, February 17, 2011

Status as of late.

Haven't done much blogging, as you can tell. Don't really care. I kind feel like a poser for having a blog anyway. I think social networking sites are retarded. I got way into the myspace thing and never got into the Facebook. Being able to see Facebook people from the outside is weird. I held out on myspace for a long time but eventually gave in. Facebook is full of old people like my parents and shit. I dont wanna participate in anything like that. The main reasons are as follows. I don't like people knowing what I'm doing. If that makes me shady than so be it. Secondly everyone thinks everyone else gives a fuck about what they are doing, or feeling, or thinking. I can honestly say I could care less than amber from Illinois made a grilled cheese at 6:45pm. I mean how self centered can you be. So this brings me to why I feel like a poser for having a blog. Who cares what I say or do? I expect the same feelings I have. I might as well be twittering this crap.
Fuck it.


  1. I agree someone who actually posts thoughts as opposed to recycled pics out of easyrider must be emo.

  2. i read that whole paragraph, and i agree. shit... i care